Friday, February 28, 2014

Oscar Swag Bag 2014 - What We Would Have Offered

It is Oscar time again and as usual, all the buzz leading into this Oscar weekend is about what is inside the Oscar Nominee Swag Bag (also known as the Oscar Swag Bag). Perhaps the most talked about item is a $50 off coupon for hiring film maker Charles Van Loucks. That's right, somehow Charles Van Loucks was able to convince the powers that be to put a $50 off coupon in the swag bag that goes out to each and every one of the Oscar Nominees.

Blue Haven Capital did not get the opportunity to put an item in the Oscar Swag Bag, but had we been given that opportunity, we would have offered a 20% off coupon on our fee-only investment management advisory services. Looking at all the gifts offered, from laser hair removal to a Hawaiian vacation, we think ours would probably be the most valuable item for an up-and-coming or established Hollywood star.

How often does one hear about an athlete or entertainment personality who for years earned between $5mm and $25mm annually yet somehow got involved with bad investments, got taken advantage of by friends or colleagues, or somehow couldn't afford retirement and ended up working a 9-5 type job to make ends meet? Where was the advisor who offered full fiduciary duty? Where was the advisor who put the client first rather than the client second? Where was the advisor who offered discreet service and ensured complete privacy?

Blue Haven Capital would have offered full investment advisory services to all the Oscar Nominees at 20% less that its normal published rate. We would have offered over 25 years of experience, we would have offered full fiduciary duty, and we would have offered traditional, long term investment management that over time would probably have proven more valuable than anything else in the swag bag. Doesn't that sound far more exciting than a one week trip to Hawaii?

Perhaps in 2015 we'll have the opportunity to submit our contribution to the Swag Bag. Until then, we can only hope.